Just a Thought…About Muffin Tops

No, not the delicious overhanging part of a breakfast pastry you get with your coffee in the morning.  Although, that is undeniably my favorite part of any muffin…I love when it’s toasted juuuust enough so that when I break off the sides they are juuust a bit crunchy to balance out all of the fluffy baked goodness on the inside.  Though, if you eat muffins for breakfast you are likely to have the “muffin top” I am about to discuss.

What I mean is the awful overhanging part of someones (usually someone of the female persuasion) gut/”love handles” when they’ve squeezed into pants that are way too tight.  In my opinion, I don’t understand why the muffin top exists at all.  If you don’t fit into your jeans why would you show the rest of the world that by somehow squeezing them closed, clearly exposing the rest of you that didn’t make it into them?!  WHY?!  Just because you can get them closed, doesn’t mean they fit people!  All you have to do is buy a bigger size.  Is that so hard?

If you answered yes to that question, I can’t say I don’t understand.  I too hate going up a size, but I also know I will look thinner if my clothes actually fit.  I don’t generally like to point out my flaws, especially not in fleshy overhanging targets situated on my hips for the whole world to see.  I would rather diet and workout, and wear the bigger size until I can fit perfectly into my smaller jeans.

There’s a popular saying, “don’t dress for the job you have, but for the job you want.” well, unfortunately it doesn’t work the same way with weight.  If it did I would be a muffin top offender too.  But it doesn’t, so please, just stop.

And remember kids, friends don’t let friends show muffin top.

8 thoughts on “Just a Thought…About Muffin Tops

  1. PREACH! Haha I will never understand why some women do that to themselves, there’s nothing wrong with buying a pair of jeans that are too small if you want to use it as motivation to lose weight…but lose the weight first. If you’re not trying to lose weight, just embrace your body and most people will respect you for it

    • Seriously…it’s the worst when skinny girls have them I think. It’s like wtf you COULD look great and instead you look like you have fat now, it’s just dumb…I can’t.

  2. Reblogged this on nikkiinhighgear and commented:
    This post by Julia killed me! so true and made me think about how all throughout high school (and still to this day) my girlfriend Stacey and I had a running joke/true friendship request of promising to tell each other if we ever developed a front ass.

    If you don’t know what a front ass is: (via urban dictionary, of course)
    Front Ass
    Bulge of fat that hangs over the genitals and is split down the middle to look like an ass.
    Oh my god. That dude has front ass hanging over his pants.
    buy front ass mugs & shirts
    Front Ass
    When one reaches a level of obesity to the extent that he/she has two asses – a fully functional rear ass as well as a non-functional, for appearances only frontal ass.
    The frontal ass is anatomically referenced as the Front Ass. The front ass encompasses the lower abdominal area from the pubic bone to the waist line.
    “Jabba’s getting rather large That’s quite the front ass that she’s packing. Although I must say, it does help to balance out her rather generous rear ass.”

    “Man those stretch pants are screaming bloody murder. Her front ass is putting a hurting on them while at the same time her rear ass appears to making a meal of them.”

    Front Ass
    when someone’s belly hangs over their beltline and into the upper thigh, thus creating “front ass”
    when someone’s belly hangs over their beltline and down into the upper thigh area, thus creating “front ass”

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