Oktoberfest…mmmm bier

Fall is a season filled with fun and wholesome things to do.  There’s apple picking, pumpkin picking, corn mazes and haunted houses just to name a few.  So far this year I haven’t done ANY of those thing so when I got the chance to do something fun and fall related last weekend I jumped at the chance.

This past Saturday me and a few friends headed an hour and a half upstate to Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain.  Not only is this a fun fall activity, but it involves one of my favorite pastimes – drinking beer!  And drink beer we did…a lot!  My right arm is actually sore from lifting my liter-sized glass again and again.  But hey, at least I got some kind of workout in, right?

Aside from the beer there we all kinds of other German treats.  There were  yummy sausages, pretzels and potato pancakes…mmmm.  People were dressed in lederhosen and there was a band playing festive music and there was even a traditional dance done by a group of kids.  To top it all off the fun atmosphere, the weather and the scenery were perfect.  The foliage was in full swing up in the mountains and the colors were outrageous.  Bright oranges and yellows and reds, it was just beautiful.

It was a wonderful day and a good time was definitely had by all.