Today’s the Day…or is it?

So, today’s the day.

I have been telling myself that lie for a full month now.  The lie being that today, I will get back on track, pull myself out of the unemployment induced semi-depression I have been living in, slap on my sneakers and a sports bra and start working out again.

To be honest, I’m really not sure why I’ve been putting it off.  I am one of those people who work out on a regular basis.  I have a routine.  Until of course, the routine fails me yet again, and I fall off the wagon for a week or two.  It’s been 5 weeks.  And don’t get me wrong – I’ve tried, I have put on all my workout gear.  Then, I ehem…sat around on the computer ehem…yeah.

At this point I’m literally filled with self loathing and self-doubt.

Image                                                                                                                    (but hey at least there’s an ecard for that….)

I know a good workout is what I need to lift my spirits (and my ass), I just need to get up and do it.  Maybe writing this for the world to see, or at least my handful of readers, will push me to stop procrastinating.  Maybe.  For now, I’m going to finish up my coffee and daydream about how great I’m gonna look in my bikini next year; if I could just get off my lazy tush.

Much Like a Gremlin, You Should NOT Spill Water on Your Laptop.

Sorry I’ve been MIA on my blog lately, but as you can probably tell from the title of this post, it’s surprisingly not due to procrastination, but rather because I knocked a glass of water onto my laptop.  Fortunately, I was able to get it fixed, but it did take a few days to get it back.

This should teach me an important lesson on how to take better care of my stuff, especially the more expensive and delicate items.  Sadly though, I know myself better than that.

I am a hot mess when it comes to taking care of my things.  I lose jewelery and iPods and just about anything else that isn’t nailed down or attached to my body.  In fact, Tom likes to make fun of me because I’m really good at losing my glass of water in our 900 sqft apartment.  I recently got a surge of “DIYness” and made a pair of jean shorts out of a pair of old denim – I realized later that my $90 Bose headphones were right under said jeans before I whipped out the scissors and cut them right in half.   My last laptop really got hit really hard by me….right after I purchased it, about 7 years ago, I spilled red wine all over it (while it was closed thankfully) and stained the outside but, it didn’t cause any other damage.  Then, about a year ago I dropped it on my bathroom floor and cracked a piece of the bottom right off.  I kept using it even though I was constantly getting stabbed by the jagged plastic edges.  By the time I finally brought the poor thing in, it was covered in electrical tape, the entire motherboard was exposed and it was covered in stains and scratches.  I told myself, “Self, with this new laptop, I’ll be careful – I’ll by a case, and a keyboard cover, I swear!”, but did I do that?  Nope.

I am going to try to be better with taking care of my baby now though.  It was sooo hard annoying to live without a computer for a week and a half.  I mean, sure I have a smart phone – but it’s just not the same.  How am I supposed to write a blog from a smart phone?! I mean, come on!

Plus, Tom and I had a hell of an adventure trying to bring the Mac home yesterday.  We picked it up and dropped off in the trunk of the car so we could grab a bite to eat.  When we got back to our spot the car was no where to be found.  My stomach dropped.  I was already picturing masked bandits making their getaway, high-fiving and whooing while haphazardly waving my computer out of the sunroof – the computer that I just payed $100 dollars to fix….Then I noticed the small red and white sign that stated NO PARKING from 2PM – 6PM…the car was towed.  We spent the next few hours locating the car, getting to the tow yard by bus, and then waiting on a nice long line to get it out of impound.  Fun day.

I know I’m still going to eat and drink while I’m typing, watching TV and talking  on the phone.  I know that I will still carry my laptop with one hand while narrowly avoiding tripping over my cats.  I know that I’ll absent-mindedly leave it on the edge of the table and then walk away, but maybe this time will be different.  When I got home from the debacle that was yesterday, I hopped on amazon, in hopes to prove to myself that I can be a responsible adult, and bought a (really cute) hard case and keyboard protector.

In the future I’ll try to be more mindful with my things, but for now, I’m just glad Gremlins aren’t real, because you better believe I would be spilling water ALL over them too.

Image                                                                             (This may as well be my laptop….)

Just a thought…about my Keurig

If you’ve never heard of a Keurig machine you are in for a wondrous surprise. It is a magical piece of technology that sits atop your kitchen counter and offers up a steaming hot cup O’Joe at your every whim.  For someone as lazy as I am (pretty lazy…) it’s especially exciting.  There is no pot to clean, there are no paper filters to add or grinds to scoop; there is just a cute little k-cup to pop in and in less than 30 seconds later, BAM!! You have a hot mug of happiness.

There are those of you out there who don’t share my affinity for coffee, I can relate. For years before I entered into the corporate workforce, I too scoffed at the remarkable powers of caffeine. And maybe some of you just don’t like the taste – for you, there are a dizzying array of choices that will undoubtedly make you fall for a piece of machinery that doesn’t open up Facebook (or live in your bedside drawer).  Teas and cocas and ciders oh my!!!  There are even iced drink options.

Even now that I’m unemployed I enjoy the ritual of popping in a K-cup flavor of my choice, breathing in the aroma and eating my breakfast with an iced glass of coffee (or hot, depending on my mood).  It just makes my meal feel more complete.

There are coffee snobs the world over that I’m sure would be appalled that I enjoy my coffee from a Keurig, but I don’t mind and I really do enjoy the easy way out. Besides, there are some pretty good options (I love the Sumatra Blend by Green Mountain) and, even more importantly, Dunkin’ Doughnuts just came out with a line of pumpkin coffee K-cups, which I happen to love so who cares what coffee snobs think?!

As I finish up this post and take a sip of my coffee from my leopard print iced drink cup, I hope you can all enjoy the small things in your day that just make it that much better.  Also, I think they should come up with a machine that doles out single serving wine….then my life would be complete.

Just a Thought…About Robots

I was watching A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, (which by the way, was much funnier than I had anticipated) when an adorable robot named “Waffle Bot” stole my heart.  It wasn’t just his willingness to dole out hot fresh waffles and syrup at your every whim, (don’t get me wrong that’s freakin’ awesome…) but the fact that he had real human emotion is what gets me all misty eyed.  I would have rather seen all of the people in the movie die a horrible, bloody death than see Waffle Bot in any kind of distress. And that’s when it hit me….I LOVE robots.

Just to be clear, I don’t like real life robots, because they creep me out (have you ever seen that Japanese robot looks like a “man”???!  Eek!). But anytime you add a piece of machinery into the plot with human-like emotions, I’m sold.  Take my childhood favorite for example, Johnny 5 (ALIVE!!!!), all he wanted was input! That’s all he wanted! And people were so mean and they made him so sad.  I cry every time.  All I can gather from that is, people from 80’s movies were a bunch of jerks and nice robots should be coddled and loved.

There are so many examples of lovable robot characters; Wall-E, R2D2, The Iron Giant, that one from that movie with Will Smith that time…the list goes on and on and I eat it up every time – I get emotionally invested like a child and their pet.

I don’t have the answer to why I love robots so much, I just do, and in the end I really don’t care why.  If they ever do create a loving, sweet robot you can keep as a pet, doesn’t creep me out or have secret plans to take over earth and destroy all humans in a murderous rage, sign me up.  For now I’ll just keep loving my cats and watch Batteries Not Included on Netflix.

Welcome to My World

Hello there, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Julia (in case you didn’t get that from the title of my blog) and I have been wanting to start blogging for a while now, especially since I’ve become umemployed and need SOMETHING to keep me sane.

I can’t promise you this will be the best blog that you have ever read or will keep you rolling with fits of laughter, give you inspiration or make you interested in my life in any way, but who knows? Maybe it will (hey, a girl can dream…),  I guess we shall see.

I can promise you photos of food that I cook and/or go out to eat (nommms), photos and stories of my daily shenanigans, attempts at fashion and things that interest me in general, and I’m sure on more than one occasion I will post stuff about my cats and how cute and furry they both are (they really are both of those things), links to cool stuff I like, ZOMBIES (ahhhhhhh!!!!!) and probably a whole lot of grammatical errors (I’ll try to keep it at a minimum, but really I’m awful….maybe blogging will make me better??….I hope)  So stay tuned, or keep reading or whatever it is you blog readers do…and ENJOY!!