Fall Outfits

Just a couple of outfits I put together for the fall season to keep warm and stay fashionable.

Fall Makeup Essentials

Just as fashion changes with the seasons, so should our makeup.  Here is a list of products that I find essential this fall.
A good foundation: During the summer months, I tend to go for a more sheer coverage. Between my tan complexion and the hot weather I find a B.B. Cream a to better option, but as my tan fades and the temperature drops I return to my handy foundation to keep me looking flawless.  I am loving all of the new light reflecting foundations to really brighten my skin and keep me glowing (albeit, pale) throughout the seasons.
Highlighting Concealer: As I mentioned above there are all kinds of new light reflecting products on the market now, and in my opinion their best used to combat dark under eye circles.  A highlighting concealer, like this Stilla version,  gives you a well rested look by brightening up your eyes – super helpful on those dark cold mornings when you just can’t scrape yourself out of bed.
*I also really like Maybelline’s DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
Eyeshadow Palette with Muted Pops of Color: Summer was all about those bright colors but now that Fall has rolled around it’s about those rich, saturated but more muted colors (if that makes sence…). The American Dream Pallete by Nars is just that (thought any similar pallete will do), It comes with a nice assortment of shimmery lights, deep glittery darks and matte brown thrown in for good measure.
 -Colored Liquid Liner: Liquid liner is an all year essential for me, but during the Fall I love to punch it up with a few different colors to really add some drama to my look (just yesterday I wore a brown smokey eye with an army green liquid liner).  My color faves during this season – aside from my all time favorite black of course, are – Navy, Green, Brown and Burgundy.
-Dark Nail Polish: This summer I was all about bright teals and crazy neons, but I must say I missed a good dark red nail (it’s what I’m wearing right now).  I’m loving every dark shade – black, blue, green, purple, grey, you name it and I can’t wait to paint it on my digits.  I also find a great way to add some interest is to add a metallic color too (think 3 black nails and 2 gold).
-Saturated Lips: Whether you prefer lipstick, stain, or gloss a brightly colored lip is the way to go.  I especially the colors in the new line of Super-Saturated lip colors by Urban Decay, though I can’t attest to how well these work since I haven’t tried them, the idea behind this product is what I am going for – highly pigmented colors for you kisser.
-Red Toned Blush: Although I’m sure to use my light pinks and corals throughout the year, during the colder months I like to add in a more red toned or berry colored blush into rotation.  My theory – there is nothing like a just-pinched look on a creamy complexion.  If you are darker – don’t be afraid to go with a more burgundy looking blush, as long as you remember to be light handed and blend well.  If your light like me the same principles apply, but go for a berry red with a hint of pink.
Fall Makeup Essentials
P.S – This post is what I did instead of working out…lame I know…I’m putting on my sneakers right now – I swear!!

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tonight I’m going to a Dragonette concert in the city (NYC).  I’m putting together my outfit and I thought I would share the type of clothes I am going to wear.
-Leather Moto Jacket, a perfect addition to any outfit that you want to add an edge to, whether that be a frilly dress or a dressed down look like the one I’m going for tonight.
-Pop of Color in Red, I used red in the sunglasses, sneakers, and the lips and nails – this cherry red pop is perfect to rock out with
-Printed Tee, always a cofy cool option for a dressed down look
-Skinny Jeans, as usual (they go with everything what can I say?!)
-Funky Accessories, a great way to add a little more….pizazz.  You can really show off who you are in your accessories so have fun with them!
Rock 'n' Roll

Start of Fall Essentials

As the weather begins to cool down (even though it’s in the 80’s today…) we need to start thinking about our fall wardrobes.  There are a few essentials I think we could all use for a pulled together fall look.
Oversized Cardiagn- I prefer something light and one that’s brightly colored and a basic like grey or black.
Dark Skinny Jeans- This slimming color and cut looks good with an aray of outfits, whether they are tucked into a pair of combat boots, worn with ballet flats or paired with heels, for me these are a year round necessity
Graphic Scarf- Prefect for jazzing up your outfit and keeping you warm and toasty
Large Bag- I think big bags are perfect for the fall season since you never know the direction the weather will take.  Use it to store your scarf for a cooler night or throw your cardagan if your feeling too warm.
Booties with an Edge- I’m loving the bootie trend they are great for keeping your feet warm and fashionable.  Now, if only I could afford the McQueen ones in my photo below…
Start of Fall Essentials
Mango linen top, $24 / Skinny fit jeans, $270 / Black White Skull Print Racer Vest / Alexander McQueen high heel / CÉLINE black leather tote bag, $2,470 / House of Harlow 1960 long pendant necklace / Nordstrom square earrings / House of Harlow 1960 pyramid ring / Scarve