I’m getting coal for X-mas

Because even though I haven’t been that naughty this year, I have been a bad/lazy blogger.  I have the time, but to be honest, I’ve been kind of down and preoccupied.  Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve and I haven’t even posted part II of my home bar with full on pic, but I promise you will see the finished product before NYE.

Now, enough of that – Since it’s Christmas Eve I thought I would show you a few of my favorite things about this holiday so keep reading if you feel like smiling…

Ok so, I’m not the biggest fan of this song…but this is freaking awesome and I want to hug whoever put this together.  I dare you not to smile while watching this!

Being a kid, Christmas morning was possibly the most exciting morning of the year for many of us.  Sometimes it was a let down, but sometimes when Santa brought you exactly what you wanted it was like winning the megamillions while eating cake and getting a massage at the same time.  This Youtube video makes me wish that either, I was a kid again, or that I will one day buy the best present ever for a child and hopefully their reaction will be similar to this. 🙂

Kittens singing Christmas songs….need I say more?

I hope you enjoyed these videos and that you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow or just a great day in general, if you don’t celebrate it.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!


Serving Up Style (Part I)

So, if you have been following my blog, you already know that I have been planning a few projects for my home (if not, you can see what I’m talking about here).

Well, unfortunately one has been delayed…the most important one.  The bathroom.  I had already started work on the project, taking down the towel bars, toilet paper holder, and toothbrush holder and filling all the holes in the wall, but I was informed by Tom’s mother, who lives in an apartment below us that there is a leak, so I have to hold off until a plumber comes to check everything out.  Depending on the outcome, the work I was planning may change entirely and we may (fingers crossed!!!) end up with an entirely new bathroom, which would be amazing.

That being said, I did start work on another project, (the most fun one!!) which is putting together a bar.  I am super excited about this one because, it ups my apartments cool factor by like 10,000 points, I have had this idea for a VERY long time and it’s awesome to see if finally come to fruition, and most importantly it gives us some much-needed storage.

The idea I’ve had was sort-of Mad Men inspired, because who doesn’t want their home bar to be inspired but a bunch of well dressed men that get hammered all day long at work whilst remaining highly successful and a bit over promiscuous (right?). No, that’s not why, well…not completly why anyway.  I really love the look of a 60’s bar – the mid-century modern furniture, the booze on display, the sophisticated air of it all.  And the truth of the matter is we have a ton of booze that we don’t even drink and we didn’t have a place for it that was away.  It just sat out on a storage island in our kitchen getting dusty and making us look like we had a serious alcohol problem.  I’m not even joking either, my 13-year-old nephew came for a visit and when he left he said to my father, “Wow! Julia and Tom have a lot of liquor bottles, are they alcoholics?” Ha!

Anyway, last week during another insomnia induced shopping spree, I went on to Craigslist to see if I could find a reasonably priced mid-century modern credenza that would work as a bar in my space.  I found one, and at a great price too – they even delivered it right to the spot in my “dining room” where it will reside.  It’s AHH-MAZE-ING!!!  And yesterday I took a trip to HomeGoods to help accessorize it.

So as a little teaser I’m gonna show you some bits and pieces, but I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Taffy scented soy candle

Taffy scented soy candle

Detailing on the credenza

Detailing on the credenza

Sneak peak of some decor

Sneak peak of some decor

A fine bottle of single malt whiskey

A fine bottle of single malt whiskey

Christmas decor with a hint of my favorite item - a leopard print shaker

Christmas decor with a glimpse of my favorite item – a leopard print shaker

Two bottles of sparkling peach juice and a vintage print

Two bottles of sparkling peach juice and a vintage print

Pretty peacock liners that smell like lemongrass and barware

Barware and peacock drawer liners that smell like lemongrass

Amazing sparkly teal colored dishes

Amazing sparkly teal colored dishes

Just a Thought…About Muffin Tops

No, not the delicious overhanging part of a breakfast pastry you get with your coffee in the morning.  Although, that is undeniably my favorite part of any muffin…I love when it’s toasted juuuust enough so that when I break off the sides they are juuust a bit crunchy to balance out all of the fluffy baked goodness on the inside.  Though, if you eat muffins for breakfast you are likely to have the “muffin top” I am about to discuss.

What I mean is the awful overhanging part of someones (usually someone of the female persuasion) gut/”love handles” when they’ve squeezed into pants that are way too tight.  In my opinion, I don’t understand why the muffin top exists at all.  If you don’t fit into your jeans why would you show the rest of the world that by somehow squeezing them closed, clearly exposing the rest of you that didn’t make it into them?!  WHY?!  Just because you can get them closed, doesn’t mean they fit people!  All you have to do is buy a bigger size.  Is that so hard?

If you answered yes to that question, I can’t say I don’t understand.  I too hate going up a size, but I also know I will look thinner if my clothes actually fit.  I don’t generally like to point out my flaws, especially not in fleshy overhanging targets situated on my hips for the whole world to see.  I would rather diet and workout, and wear the bigger size until I can fit perfectly into my smaller jeans.

There’s a popular saying, “don’t dress for the job you have, but for the job you want.” well, unfortunately it doesn’t work the same way with weight.  If it did I would be a muffin top offender too.  But it doesn’t, so please, just stop.

And remember kids, friends don’t let friends show muffin top.

Late Night Laughs

Ok, so instead of apologizing and giving excuses about why I haven’t been writing lately I have decided to make you laugh instead…enjoy.

cyanide and happiness crack

And just so you know, I laughed for an inappropriately long time at this.