Start of Fall Essentials

As the weather begins to cool down (even though it’s in the 80’s today…) we need to start thinking about our fall wardrobes.  There are a few essentials I think we could all use for a pulled together fall look.
Oversized Cardiagn- I prefer something light and one that’s brightly colored and a basic like grey or black.
Dark Skinny Jeans- This slimming color and cut looks good with an aray of outfits, whether they are tucked into a pair of combat boots, worn with ballet flats or paired with heels, for me these are a year round necessity
Graphic Scarf- Prefect for jazzing up your outfit and keeping you warm and toasty
Large Bag- I think big bags are perfect for the fall season since you never know the direction the weather will take.  Use it to store your scarf for a cooler night or throw your cardagan if your feeling too warm.
Booties with an Edge- I’m loving the bootie trend they are great for keeping your feet warm and fashionable.  Now, if only I could afford the McQueen ones in my photo below…
Start of Fall Essentials
Mango linen top, $24 / Skinny fit jeans, $270 / Black White Skull Print Racer Vest / Alexander McQueen high heel / CÉLINE black leather tote bag, $2,470 / House of Harlow 1960 long pendant necklace / Nordstrom square earrings / House of Harlow 1960 pyramid ring / Scarve

The Start of a New Season

Hello there!

Today was the first day back to school for kids in the New York area, signifying the end to an amazing, but scorching summer.  One of the (few) positive things unemployment has allowed me, was a summer of freedom.  For the first time in almost 15 years I was able to feel like a kid again….a kid with money, an over 21 ID and no parental guidance. It. Was. Awesome.

I was so used to hating the summer from years of being stuck in an office with pale white skin, and commuting through the overbearingly hot trenches of Hell AKA the NYC Subway system; that I’d forgotten how fun it could be to relax on the beach sipping a cold drink – all of course while posting pictures of my daily heaven on Facebook  (and my Instagram) to torture all of my gainfully employed friends. Image

(Like this one…and yes, that IS a boob sculpture we created)

But that’s not really what this post is about.  This post is about the Fall, and more importantly the awesome television shows that start up again in the Fall (Yay!!!).

Now, don’t get me wrong I like other things about the season – delicious seasonal beers (Oktoberfest anyone?), boot wearing, HALLOWEEN, multi-colored leaves and pumpkin flavored coffee just to name a few, but nothing gets me over the depression of it getting dark at 4pm like watching hordes of zombies take over a farm, or corrupt politicians and mobsters in the 1920’s being complete badasses and having blatant disregard for the law.  Who’s with me people?!  So that being said, here is a list of my favorite TV shows that are starting up again.  I can’t wait to start watching them all (hooray for DVR!!)

  1. The Walking Dead – I was watching the season finale of Breaking Bad (the best show on TV in my opinion, oooh Walter White you are one badass motherf*cker!!) and a commercial for The Walking Dead came on.  At first I didn’t realize what it was for, I just saw a group of dirty looking people huddled together…and then I heard it, the telltale moans of the encroaching walkers.  Panic set in.  My pulse quickened, my hands clenched into fists and my body stiffened, then…they showed the zombies and I yelled “Noooo!!!!!!”  Then the The Walking Dead title filled the screen and I quietly (and slightly manically) said “Yesssssssss…” and that pretty much sums up how I feel about this show.  The beginning of the 2nd season was a bit slow for me but the second half was filled with zombie killing action filling me with as much anxiety as it did joy, I’m also pretty stoked for all the new characters being introduced.
  1. Boardwalk Empire – With heavy hitters like Scorsese and Buscemi how can you go wrong?  Throw in a little mafia killing, illegal booze trafficking and nudity and you’ve got yourself another HBO gem – the writing isn’t half bad either!  Some people say this show is too slow, but for me the pace is methodical and makes it easy to be caught off guard by the sharp turns in the plot – I love it.
  1. 30 Rock – Sadly it’s the last season of this hilarious comedy and I’m sure it will be as tear inducingly funny as the last 6.
  1. American Horror Story – What can I say?  I enjoy being scared and slightly freaked out – especially this close to Halloween.  I’m looking forward to the crazy  plot twists and intertwined story lines that American Horror Story is just so damn good at, plus it’s based in the 60’s this go around, so that should be fun.
  1. Dexter – This one is a long time favorite and while I fear they are swimming dangerously close to jumping the shark, I am still quite entertained by Dexter’s murderous obsessions (I’m not as crazy as I sound – I promise).
  1. Modern Family – The comedic scripts combined with the comedic timing and personas of this entire cast will always keep me coming back for more.
  1. Grimm – Ok so this one is a little cheesey, but that’s exactly what I love about it.  I always loved the Grimm Fairy Tales as a kid and I thoroughly enjoy how they’ve modernized the stories (even if it is a bit wacky).
  1. Suburgatory- This show is adorable and I always have a smile on my face at the end of each episode.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and my list of Fall TV faves – let me know what your Fall faves are, and if you think there are any shows that you would have included that I left out.

Yummy Turkey Meatloaf

Hello there!

Turkey Meatloaf is one of my go-to dinners.  It’s quick easy and delish and most importantly – my boyfriend LOVES it.  Any time I can get him to eat somthing that’s not deep fried, covered in cheese or is an artery clogging mess, I do.  Below is my recipe, but feel free to make adjustments for you and/or your family’s pallette.  This is great with a veggie side or you can make it into a sandwich (mmm sandwiches…)

Also, just as a side note – this is the basic recipe I use, but I tend to mix it up now and then by adding a few new flavors to this base recipe.


  • 2lbs ground turkey meat (93% fat free preferred)
  • 1 organic egg
  • 4 mushroom caps finely chopped (I like baby bellas)
  • toasted onion seasoning (you can find the one I use here)
  • 3 tbsp Ketchup (I like to use Simply Heinz due to the small amount of ingedients they use)
  • 1 tbsp of low sodium Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat seasoned breadcrumbs
  • Black pepper to taste


Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees

Take the ground turkey out of the fridge and let sit in a large bowl for about 10 mins (or less depending on the heat of your apartment) to warm up.  This makes it easier to mix with the other ingredents, especially if you are using your hands – take it from me, mixing cold raw turkey with your hands is quite painful actually…it’s kind of like when you pick up snow with your bare hands, ouch! 

Add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl and start mixing – like I said I use the old fashioned way (my bare hands) just like my mom because i find that it gives me more mixing presision, but many of you (my sister included) cannot deal with the ick factor of touching raw meat so feel free to use a wooden spoon, food processor or even slap on some latex gloves if you wish.

Once your meat is mixed to your prefference, place it into an oven safe baking dish, cover with tin foil and stick it in your oven for about 30 mins.

Pull the meatloaf out and add ketchup or your desired sauce/condiment (tomato paste, bbq sauce, or whatever you can think of) to the top and spread it out.  Then pop that sucker back into the over for another 15 mins.

If your like me and love a crispy top stick in the broiler for another 5 mins to brown and bam! You’re done! Allow the meatloaf to sit for about 5 mins and then serve and enjoy!

Welcome to My World

Hello there, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Julia (in case you didn’t get that from the title of my blog) and I have been wanting to start blogging for a while now, especially since I’ve become umemployed and need SOMETHING to keep me sane.

I can’t promise you this will be the best blog that you have ever read or will keep you rolling with fits of laughter, give you inspiration or make you interested in my life in any way, but who knows? Maybe it will (hey, a girl can dream…),  I guess we shall see.

I can promise you photos of food that I cook and/or go out to eat (nommms), photos and stories of my daily shenanigans, attempts at fashion and things that interest me in general, and I’m sure on more than one occasion I will post stuff about my cats and how cute and furry they both are (they really are both of those things), links to cool stuff I like, ZOMBIES (ahhhhhhh!!!!!) and probably a whole lot of grammatical errors (I’ll try to keep it at a minimum, but really I’m awful….maybe blogging will make me better??….I hope)  So stay tuned, or keep reading or whatever it is you blog readers do…and ENJOY!!