Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tonight I’m going to a Dragonette concert in the city (NYC).  I’m putting together my outfit and I thought I would share the type of clothes I am going to wear.
-Leather Moto Jacket, a perfect addition to any outfit that you want to add an edge to, whether that be a frilly dress or a dressed down look like the one I’m going for tonight.
-Pop of Color in Red, I used red in the sunglasses, sneakers, and the lips and nails – this cherry red pop is perfect to rock out with
-Printed Tee, always a cofy cool option for a dressed down look
-Skinny Jeans, as usual (they go with everything what can I say?!)
-Funky Accessories, a great way to add a little more….pizazz.  You can really show off who you are in your accessories so have fun with them!
Rock 'n' Roll

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