Just a Thought…About Robots

I was watching A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, (which by the way, was much funnier than I had anticipated) when an adorable robot named “Waffle Bot” stole my heart.  It wasn’t just his willingness to dole out hot fresh waffles and syrup at your every whim, (don’t get me wrong that’s freakin’ awesome…) but the fact that he had real human emotion is what gets me all misty eyed.  I would have rather seen all of the people in the movie die a horrible, bloody death than see Waffle Bot in any kind of distress. And that’s when it hit me….I LOVE robots.

Just to be clear, I don’t like real life robots, because they creep me out (have you ever seen that Japanese robot looks like a “man”???!  Eek!). But anytime you add a piece of machinery into the plot with human-like emotions, I’m sold.  Take my childhood favorite for example, Johnny 5 (ALIVE!!!!), all he wanted was input! That’s all he wanted! And people were so mean and they made him so sad.  I cry every time.  All I can gather from that is, people from 80’s movies were a bunch of jerks and nice robots should be coddled and loved.

There are so many examples of lovable robot characters; Wall-E, R2D2, The Iron Giant, that one from that movie with Will Smith that time…the list goes on and on and I eat it up every time – I get emotionally invested like a child and their pet.

I don’t have the answer to why I love robots so much, I just do, and in the end I really don’t care why.  If they ever do create a loving, sweet robot you can keep as a pet, doesn’t creep me out or have secret plans to take over earth and destroy all humans in a murderous rage, sign me up.  For now I’ll just keep loving my cats and watch Batteries Not Included on Netflix.

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